International Training on IWRM under Climate Change 14-16 June 2016

Goals of Water Resources Management Strategy

1. To provide clean water for adequate consumption both quantity and quality for local community (for all villages in 2017) and urban area, economic area and tourist attraction
2. To provide water for agriculture, industry and ecosystem conservation providing water sources for community, ecosystem conservation, and economic development according to Thailand goals for economic development
3. To improve water sources in each river basins at least for minimum water demand of river basins for ecosystem conservation, consumption and economic development in each area
4. To decrease flood damages in urban area that violent affect  and high damages, mitigate violence  and decrease damage in the crisis river basins, decrease from flash flood, landslide, support of  adaptation and escape in flood area
5. To manage for better water quality in the main rivers and some moderate quality river basins
6. To rehabilitate deforestation area in Thailand and manage land use in the upstream area
7. To implement water resources management with unity institution, mechanism and law and  provide correct and efficient data