External Organizations

The Prime Minister’s Office                                    ⇒ Bureav of the Budget

The Revenue Department                                      ⇒ Bureau of The Royal Household

Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC)   ⇒ The Secretariat of the Cabinet

Royal Thai Goverment                                           ⇒ Office of the Public Sector Development Commission

National Reform Steering Assembly                    ⇒ Office of the Auditor General of Thailand

Government Pension Fund                                  ⇒ National Intelligence Agency

Anti Money Laundering Office                             ⇒ Office of the Ombudsman Thailand

The Administrative Court                                     Nationl Research Council of Thailand

Nation Anti-Corruption Commission                  The Thai Red Cross Society

Office of the Council of State                               ⇒ National Human Rights Commission of Thailand

Court of Justice                                                      The Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Thailand

Bank of Thailand                                                   The Stock Exchange of Thailand